Philippe set the Switzerland East-West record in August 2014 with a time of 23:06. Philippe’s record was then broken by Stéphane Cand in May 2015 with a time of 20:13. Cand used a less mountainous route to log the faster time. Now Philippe reclaims the record with a time of 19:13, also using the flatter route.


Philippe Künzler, 46,  Lucerne, Switzerland
Standard Bike
Switzerland, East-West
Using previously established endpoints
July 7-8, 2016
19 Hours 13 Minutes (19:13)
327.75 Miles
17.06 mph average speed
Officials: Milena Altorfer, Hansjörg Würsch
Crew: Sacha Hunkeler, Armin Keller, Boris Künzler

Philippe Künzler

Philippe Künzler

Certified by Drew Clark, UMCA Records Chairman