Christian Krause

Christian Krause and crew

Congratulations to Christian Krause for setting records across England (W-E), Wales (W-E), and the UK (W-E).

Drew’s notes: Since this was a first attempt for United Kingdom, Wales and England (all West-East), we were able to agree on endpoints that allow a rider to make all three attempts in a single continuous ride. Even though the endpoints are not absolutely the westernmost or easternmost points, they are close enough to be approved.

Also, Krause went on Danish National TV live during the attempt (viewed by 1.5 million people). Following that interview, 200,000 people followed the attempt the rest of the way by way of his GPS tracker.


Christian Krause, 49, Hoersholm, Denmark
Standard Bike
New endpoints:
Wales West: Northwest of St. Davids, Whitesands parking lot at end of highway B4583
Wales East/England West: west of Kington city where B4594 meets A44 (actual border is 200 meter further east, but the intersection of B4594 and A44 is a distinct point)
England East: Lowestoft; east end of Hamilton Road by the harbor

Wales West-East: 6 hours 2 minutes, 115.6 Miles (186 km), 19.16 mph (30.83 kph)
England West-East: 15 Hours 44 Minutes, 243.6 Miles (392 km), 15.48 mph (24.92 kph)
UK West-East: 21 Hours 46 Minutes, 359.2 Miles (578 km), 16.50 mph (26.55 kph)
August 1, 2015
Official: Stig Mondahl
Crew: Henrik Holmer, Benjamin Enggaard, Sharaz Granej Alam, Wicky Fangel Petersen

Certified by Drew Clark, UMCA Records Chairman