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    The UMCA has a long history of supporting ultracycling since its inception in 1980. A totally volunteer-run not-for-profit charity

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    Keep up to date with new records, key race results, what's happening in the ultracycling community

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    The UMCA ratifies official record attempts across countries, states, between capitals and over 100 mile, 200 mile & 1000km (track & road)

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    The UMCA certifies 12 hour and 24 hour records (track & road). It also runs the Highest Monthly and Highest Annual Mileage Records

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    See a diary of upcoming ultracycling events and search on competition series, race distance or location

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    The UMCA operates the World Cup of Ultracycling for members competiting in calendar events, with series for 24h, 12h, 6h & 500 mile races

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    Members can log rides in indoor and year rounder competitions

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    Get advice and information about ultracycling from the quarterly magazine included in UMCA membership

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    Coming soon... updated and new expert authored content for members

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