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Special Discounted Membership for Remainder of the Year


WUCA is pleased to announce a special membership rate reflecting the reality so many of us have faced this year. With most of the spring and summer races having been cancelled due to virus-related restrictions, it’s understandable that racers have postponed their membership, waiting to see what would happen with their planned events. Now that racing is starting again, it is late in the season and a full-year membership is harder to justify. So, the normal annual membership ($35 per year) will be reduced and offered as a partial-year opportunity. A special rate of $15 will be available between AUG [...]

Special Discounted Membership for Remainder of the Year2020-07-29T07:32:40-07:00

President Marc Poland talks to Ohio RAAM Show


  Marc Poland talks to the Ohio RAAM Show, the longest running channel dedicated to ultracycling, about the World UltraCycling Association

President Marc Poland talks to Ohio RAAM Show2020-03-28T10:45:00-07:00

2019 Championship Winners


On behalf of the board and all of our members, a heart-felt congratulations goes out to those who took the overall wins at our 2019 championship events. North American Champions -- 6-hr: Kara Bonneau & Marc Poland, 12-hr: Nancy Guth & Ryan Collins, 500-mi: Christie Harrison Tracy & Ron Gurley European Champions -- 12-hr: Maja Marukić & Erik Rosenstein, 24-hr: Ziortza Villa & Stanko Verstovsek, 500-mi: Chris Beattie

2019 Championship Winners2020-03-03T06:14:09-08:00

2019 Challenge Winners


Results have been tallied and WUCA is pleased to congratulate the 2019 Challenge series winners. If you're named below, be sure that the address in your WUCA membership profile is accurate as that will be used in mailing out awards. WORLD CUP (highest avg speed for 12-hr TT, 24-hr TT and 1,000+ mi races) : Overall winners - Marko Baloh and Daniela Genovesi. Male 60+ winner - Joe Barr ULTRA CUP (highest avg speed for 6-hr TT, 12-hr TT and 100 mi races) : Overall winners - Chris Hopkinson. Male 60+ winner - Wes Wilmer, 70+ winner - Ralph Schmook. Recumbent winner - Jeffrey Ritter. 6-hour TT series [...]

2019 Challenge Winners2020-03-03T06:15:04-08:00
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