The WUCA Year-Rounder Challenge is a year-long bicycle mileage challenge recognizing consistent performance in cycling throughout the season in centuries, double centuries, and other long rides. Riders in many countries are participating. Ride 12 centuries in 10 months and earn a medal (or a plaque if you ride more miles than anyone else).

Many of us enjoy getting out on a long ride with friends or just by ourselves … and doing so on a regular basis throughout the season. It’s the satisfaction of a day out on the bike under mild spring sunlight, winter gales, summer thunderstorms, stiff mountain climbs, and easy rolling countryside. Our season may have high points and peak events, but these are against the backdrop of consistent endurance mileage and endurance fitness.

Such a season might include:

  • a brevet series culminating in a 1200k randonnée,
  • a week-long, multi-week … or transcontinental bike tour,
  • solo or organized doubles over a variety of landscapes,
  • fast centuries or leisurely centuries! — every weekend with friends,
  • a long ride every month of the year.
  • training indoors on a “virtual riding platform” a lot because of work or weather

The Year-Rounder (Y-R) provides a structure to motivate you throughout the season and to recognize your personal achievements. The Y-R is designed to showcase consistent performance in cycling throughout the year.

The Y-R has 3 different types of riding to recognize different goals.

  • Organized events have a name, start/finish location, starting time(s), route plan, registration or sign-in, an organizer, and advance publication. They needn’t be blockbuster events with a t-shirt, water bottles, and a cast of hundreds – they can be a simple club ride 90 miles or longer.
  • Personal rides you design yourself — you can ride by yourself or with friends. Personal rides augment organized events when the latter are scarce, or when you’d just rather do an ad hoc ride!
  • Indoor rides you also design yourself. With the advent of different “virtual riding platforms” such as (Zwift or Rouvy) that use smart trainers that modify your speed based on your weight, actual power and terrain, many riders are able to put in their long rides when “riding outdoors” is just not possible.

Year-Rounder Divisions

Rides are tallied in the following divisions, plus the combined mileage from those divisions, as well as the consistency-based Larry Schwartz award.

  • Organized Division: Organized rides over 90 miles. You must complete at least 90 miles of the ride to receive credit. You will receive credit for your actual, on-route mileage.
  • Personal Division: Personal rides over 90 miles. For credit, you must complete at least 90 miles in an 11-hour period (and maintain an 8.33 mph average after that).
  • Indoor Division: Personal rides over 90 miles ridden on a “Virtual Riding Platform” that uses a smart trainer to ride a specific course based your weigh, power, and course characteristics. All rides over 90 miles will count for this Division. Rides must be able to show a ride result that shows mileage, speed, elevation and power. (most of these are setup to sync to a free service like Strava, so riders can submit their Strava file just like they would an actual outdoor ride.) Note: The only deviation from this rule is that anyone without a power meter based virtual riding system is allowed to submit 6-hours of indoor riding without power and have it count for the Larry Schwarz award. 6 hours = 100 Miles (just notate that in your submission)
  • Combined Division: Combined mileage from the Organized Century and Long divisions, Personal Century and Long divisions, and Indoor Century and Long divisions.
Recognition and Awards

The Year-Rounder recognizes three distance-based levels of accomplishment and one consistency-based award. (The rider’s award will reflect the highest distance level achieved plus the Larry Schwartz if qualified.)

yr plaque
3,000 miles or more in the Combined division — award is a medal.

Platinum: 5,000 miles in the Combined division — award is a medal.

Who’s Who: the top five Platinum riders in each division — award is a plaque and mention in any of WUCA’s social media outlets.

Larry Schwartz award: completing at least one Y-R ride in each calendar month, with up to two make-up rides — award is a medal.

New in 2019: There is no fee to take part in the Year Rounder Challenge. Your accomplishments will be posted on the WUCA website in any WUCA on-line publication or social medial. Anyone who earns an award can purchase the award directly from the award maker. They will have an authorized list.

The Year-Rounder year runs from January 1 through December 31 each year. Because up to two make-up rides are allowed for the Larry Schwartz award, riders can still start as late as March.

Online Ride Submission

Deadline: Submit your ride within 14 days after the completion of the ride/event. (This has been waived for the Month of Jan 2019 to enable us to make the appropriate changes to tour Website)

Submit your ride online

Many of our members submit rides recorded on Strava, Garmin Connect, MapMyRide, and Polar. We also accept results from races/events that are posted on a website, such as RUSA brevets, Race Across Oregon, Grand Fondos, etc.

Note: If your GPS software (e.g., CycleMeter on the iphone) doesn’t post to a website, but sends you a URL of your ride, you can use that too).

Examples of acceptable URLs from different sources
Service Source URLs (click to view the ride)
Strava uploaded from GPS Example Strava Activity
CycleMeter (iphone) mailed from GPS software Example CycleMeter Ride

Results are verified by our team of volunteers and updated monthly (or sooner).

Questions?  Contact the Year-Rounder Chair

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