Calendar – 2018

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Upcoming Events

date event city state country timed distance world cup ultra cup 100M series 500M series 24H series 12H series 6H series champs
2018-03-24RAAM Challenge Texas 500 2018Marble Falls TexasUnited States 500 miles
RAAM Challenge Texas 200 2018Marble Falls TexasUnited States 200 miles
2018-04-06Bessies Creek 24hr 2018Brookshire TexasUnited States
2018-04-06Bessies Creek: Gulf Coast 514 2018Brookshire TexasUnited States 514 miles
2018-04-07Bessies Creek 12hr 2018Brookshire TexasUnited States
2018-04-07Bessies Creek 6hr 2018Brookshire TexasUnited States
2018-04-07Shivalik Signature 2018Chandigarh India 615 km
2018-04-07Ultra 200 2018Chandigarh India 200 km
2018-04-07Bessies Creek CenturyBrookshire TexasUnited States 100 miles
2018-04-20Texas Ultra Spirit 24hr TT 2018Fayetteville TexasUnited States
2018-04-21Texas Ultra Spirit 12hr TT 2018Fayetteville TexasUnited States
2018-04-21Texas Ultra Spirit 6hr TT 2018Fayetteville TexasUnited States
2018-04-21Barcelona Madform Bicircuit 24-hour 2018Barcelona Spain
2018-04-22Barcelona Madform Bicircuit 12-hour 2018Barcelona Spain
2018-04-22Barcelona Madform Bicircuit 6-hour 2018Barcelona Spain
2018-04-28Race Across Italy 2018Silvi Marina Italy 775 km
2018-04-28Team Joe Barr 200 2018Derry Ireland 200 miles
2018-04-28Joe Barr 500 2018Derry Ireland 500 miles
2018-05-04Calvin’s Challenge 24-Hour 2018Springfield OhioUnited States
2018-05-09Race Around Denmark EXTREME 2018Horsens Denmark 1600 km
2018-05-09Race Around Denmark CHALLENGE 2018Horsens Denmark 800 km
2018-05-1212h Trackman Cycling 2018Almeria Spain
2018-05-126h Trackman Cycling 2018Almeria Spain
2018-05-16Race Around Slovenia 2018Postojna Slovenia 1250 km
2018-05-20Maryland Endurance Challenge 12-Hour 2018Emmitsburg MarylandUnited States
2018-05-20Maryland Endurance Challenge 6-Hour 2018Emmitsburg MarylandUnited States
2018-05-30Glocknerman CLASSIC 2018Graz Austria 888 km
2018-05-30Glocknerman ULTRA 2018Graz Austria 1000 km
2018-06-01Race Across Germany 760km 2018Aachen Germany 760 km
2018-06-0224 Hours In The Canyon 2018Amarillo TexasUnited States
2018-06-0212 Hours In The Canyon 2018Amarillo TexasUnited States
2018-06-026 Hours In The Canyon 2018Amarillo TexasUnited States
2018-06-10ECCA 100 Mile 2018Cambridge United Kingdom 100 miles
2018-06-12Race Across the West 2018Oceanside CaliforniaUnited States 930 miles
2018-06-12Race Across America 2018Oceanside CaliforniaUnited States 3000 miles
2018-06-16National 24hr Challenge 2018Middleville MichiganUnited States
2018-06-17RTTC National 12H Championship 2018Great Chesterford United Kingdom
2018-06-29Race Across Germany 1100km 2018Flensburg Germany 1100 km
2018-06-30Race Across Europe (RACE) 2018Boulogne sur Mer France 2934 miles
2018-06-30Pierścień 1000 Jezior 2018Świękity Poland 610 km
2018-06-30Helnæs 24 2018Ebberup Denmark
Inca Divide 2018Quito Ecuador 1800 km
2018-07-06D+ Ultracycling Dolomitica 2018Cison di Valmarino Italy 675 km
2018-07-13Fireweed 400 2018Sutton AlaskaUnited States 400 miles
2018-07-14Slo24 Ultra 2018Dobrovnik Slovenia
Big Jays 12-hour Race 2018Mahomet IllinoisUnited States
Big Jays 6-hour Race 2018Mahomet IllinoisUnited States
2018-07-15Slo12 Ultra 2018Dobrovnik Slovenia
2018-07-15EDCA 100 Mile 2018Attleborough United Kingdom 100 miles
2018-07-20Race Across Oregon 2018Ontario OregonUnited States 625 miles
2018-07-21Mersey Roads 24 2018Farndon United Kingdom
2018-07-29Team Swift 12-hour TT 2018Pocklington United Kingdom
2018-08-11Nightmare Tour 200 2018Adamstown PennsylvaniaUnited States 200 miles
2018-08-11Nightmare Tour 111 2018Adamstown PennsylvaniaUnited States 111 miles
2018-08-11Nightmare Tour 177 2018Adamstown PennsylvaniaUnited States 177 miles
2018-08-11Nightmare Tour 24-Hour 2018Adamstown PennsylvaniaUnited States
2018-08-11Nightmare Tour 225 2018Reinholds PennsylvaniaUnited States 225 miles
2018-08-13Race Around Austria 2018St. Georgen im Attergau Austria 2200 km
2018-08-14Race Around Austria 1500km 2018St. Georgen im Attergau Austria 1500 km
2018-08-16TorTour 2018Schaffhausen Switzerland 1000 km
2018-08-18Race Across France Ultra 2018 France 2600 km
2018-08-18Race Across France Challenge 2018 France 1100 km
Ultra Défi vee Kombucha 2018Valinouët QuebecCanada 1000 km
2018-08-18Mid-Atlantic 100 Mile 2018Washington North CarolinaUnited States 100 miles
2018-08-18Mid-Atlantic 12 2018Washington North CarolinaUnited States
2018-08-18Mid-Atlantic 24 2018Washington North CarolinaUnited States
2018-08-19ECCA 12 Hour 2018 United Kingdom
2018-08-24Hoodoo 500 2018St George UtahUnited States 519 miles
2018-08-24Bałtyk – Bieszczady Tour 1008km 2018Świnoujście Poland 1008 km
2018-08-25Hoodoo 300 2018St George UtahUnited States 300 miles
2018-08-25Pearl Izumi Le Mans 24 2018Le Mans France
2018-08-26Race Around Ireland 2018Trim Ireland 2150 km
2018-08-26Irish Ultra Challenge 2018Trim Ireland 1100 km
2018-09-01BDCA 100 Mile 2018Derby United Kingdom 100 miles
2018-09-14The Silver State 508 2018Reno NevadaUnited States 508 miles
2018-09-1512H Cycling Marathon 2018Monza Italy
2018-09-20Tejas 500 2018Glen Rose TexasUnited States 500 miles
2018-09-21Texas Iron Butt 24H TT 2018Glen Rose TexasUnited States
2018-09-22Texas Tin Butt 12H TT 2018Glen Rose TexasUnited States
2018-09-22Texas Shoot Out 6H TT 2018Glen Rose TexasUnited States
2018-10-13NCOM Llewelyn Moss 1000 mile 2018Alpine TexasUnited States 1000 miles
2018-10-13NCOM Anton Chigurh 383 2018Alpine TexasUnited States 383 miles
2018-10-13NCOM Ed Tom Bell 208 2018Alpine TexasUnited States 208 miles
2018-10-17IL24TE – Israeli 24 Hour 2018Urim Junction Israel
2018-10-18IL24TE – Israeli 6 Hour 2018Urim Junction Israel
2018-10-18IL24TE – Israeli 12 Hour 2018Urim Junction Israel
2018-11-0224 Hour World TT Championship 2018Borrego Springs CaliforniaUnited States
2018-11-036 hour World TT Championship 2018Borrego Springs CaliforniaUnited States
2018-11-0312 hour World TT Championship 2018Borrego Springs CaliforniaUnited States
Deccan Cliffhanger 2018Bogmalo India 400 miles