Highest Monthly Mileage (HMM’R)

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Please find below the official spreadsheets for completed attempts:
And attempts in progress:
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Amanda Coker is set to begin three separate embedded HAMR MONTH attempts on March 25, April 1, and April 11. (Overlapping HAMR MONTH attempts are allowed.)

rider name age     country start date end date age group distance (miles)     miles/day    details    report    historical?   
Alan Johnson 60 United States2016-11-25 2016-12-24 Men 60-69 4007.5 133.6 details No
Steven Abraham 42 United Kingdom2016-09-02 2016-10-01 Men 18-49 7104.3 236.81 detailsreportNo
André Goeritz 49 United States2016-05-11 2016-06-09 Men 18-49 6679.8 222.66 details Yes