Individual Standings

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2012 Standings
Race Standings - Overall
event date rank points gender bike miles time
Bike Sebring 12-Hour2012-02-18133Mstandard197.812:00:00
Calvins Challenge 12-hour TT2012-05-05200Mstandard179.512:00:00
Dawn to dusk 12-Hour2012-09-01610Mstandard187.312:00:00
Race Standings - Division
event date rank points gender age bike miles time
Bike Sebring 12-Hour2012-02-18511M60 - 69standard197.812:00:00
Calvins Challenge 12-hour TT2012-05-05610M60 - 69standard179.512:00:00
Dawn to dusk 12-Hour2012-09-01412M60 - 69standard187.312:00:00
rank points (total) miles (total) gender events (place, points, bike, miles)
10214564.6MBike Sebring 12-Hour (#12; 4; standard; 197.8)
.Calvins Challenge 12-hour TT (#19; 0; standard; 179.5)
.Dawn to dusk 12-Hour (#6; 10; standard; 187.3)
rank points (total) miles (total) gender age bike events (place, points, bike, miles)
1433564.6M60 - 69standardBike Sebring 12-Hour (#5; 11; 197.8)
Calvins Challenge 12-hour TT (#6; 10; 179.5)
Dawn to dusk 12-Hour (#4; 12; 187.3)
rank miles gender events (miles, bike)
7564.6MBike Sebring 12-Hour (197.8; standard)
Dawn to dusk 12-Hour (187.3; standard)
Calvins Challenge 12-hour TT (179.5; standard)
rank miles gender age bike events (miles)
3564.6M60 - 69standardBike Sebring 12-Hour (197.8)
Dawn to dusk 12-Hour (187.3)
Calvins Challenge 12-hour TT (179.5)