Record Attempt Process

Setting a record

  • requires dedicated training, careful organization, effective pacing, and management of logistics during the event
  • is a team effort, requiring the cooperation of the rider(s), crew and official(s)
  • is a significant ultra cycling achievement.

This page provides all the information necessary for you to attempt a WUCA Record including links to all of the necessary forms and the rules. Read it all carefully and your attempt will only depend on your ability and desire.



Not less than 21 days prior to attempt

  • Online Registration of proposed Record Attempt
  • Online payment of fees (see Current Fees)
  • Receive and return Record Attempt Checklist
  • Sign and return Record Attempt Application Form

Pre-Attempt Agreements

At least 1 day prior to attempt

  • Pre-Attempt Agreements Checklist
  • Signed Waivers for all Riders, Crew, Officials and any Media Crew
  • Signed Certification of Official for all Officials

Record Attempt

Good luck with your attempt!

Post-Attempt Report

Not more than 14 days after attempt

  • Post-Attempt Report Checklist
  • Record Attempt Summary and highlighted route
  • Official’s Summary
  • Official’s Pre-Attempt Checklist
  • Official’s Log Sheets (Route or Track)
  • Rider’s Narrative Summary with photos

Form Submission

An important part of setting a WUCA Record is submitting the proper paperwork on time.  The paperwork is divided into three parts with the due dates above.  All forms must be sent to the WUCA Records Chair.


Please send all forms electronically (scan and email, or pic with smartphone) if at all possible to the above email address.

Forms may also be sent by regular mail or by Express mail, with no signature required by recipient to the address below. If you do send via mail, please email to let the Records Chair to expect something and allow plenty of time for them to be delivered. The date received by the Records Chair is the recorded date.

Larry Oslund
WUCA Records Chairman
65 Myrtle Bank Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC, USA


All questions regarding records and record attempts should be directed to the WUCA Records Chairs

Larry Oslund, Chair
Nancy Guth, Deputy Chair

Contact the Records Team