Record Rules

Rules last updated: February 4, 2021

The record rules must be observed when attempting to set a WUCA record. The rules are designed to ensure the validity of your record and those of others.

Due to the nature of records and record attempts, it may be necessary to change or update rules. In order to preserve the integrity of the records and record attempts, the WUCA reserves the right to define the “intent of the rules” or to append or modify these rules at any time.

You should read the content here carefully. You will be required to use the forms provided and follow the rules and procedures described.

The ride will become a WUCA record only after a full evaluation and certification by the WUCA Records Chair. Please allow several weeks to pass before the record is certified. A plaque commemorating the record will be mailed at the end of the calendar year in which the record was set.

Please note: there are also additional rules specific to Track and Road Courses and the Highest Mileage Record Attempts (HAMR/HMMR/HWMR), detailed below.

Record Certification and Categories
Procedures and Forms
WUCA Officials
Assessment of Penalties
Public Roads
Personal Support Vehicles
Follow Vehicles
Auxiliary Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles
Support Crew Members
Controlled Substances
Sleep Considerations
Vehicle Following Rider(s)
Night Riding
Vehicles Not Following Rider(s)
Rider Clothing
Tandem Record Attempts
Relay Team Record Attempts
Cross State and Cross Province Record Attempts
Cross Country Record Attempts
Capital-to-Capital Record Attempts
Circumnavigation Record Attempts
Vertical Climbing Record Attempts
“Oldest” Record Attempts
Routing and Directions
Awards & Recognition

Information about Tracks or Road Courses

In addition to all of the rules contained above, the following rules apply to fixed-time or fixed-distance record attempts on road courses or tracks. The WUCA sanctions 6 hour, 12 hour, 24 hour, 100 mile, 200 mile, 300 mile, 500 mile, 1000 mile, 100 km, 200 km, 300 km, 500 km and 1000 km records on road courses and tracks.

A track is defined as a private course of any length that has no public motorized vehicle traffic. A track may include ordinary outdoor cycling velodromes, auto racing ovals, road courses, motor speedways or auto test tracks. Generally speaking a track surface will be much smoother and yield a higher average speed and will also never require the cyclist to stop or slow down for turns or intersections.

Note: Under special conditions a private course may more closely resemble a road course due to extremely sharp corners, turns, or harsh road surface. In this situation the cyclist may petition the Record Chair to make an exception. This can only be requested for a closed course that has never been used as a “track” attempt. Once a “track course” receives an exception to be recognized as a “road course” then it must be used in that way for any future records.

An indoor track is a covered track area (usually referenced as a velodrome) which is not influenced by any outside wind or other weather conditions. It may or may not be temperature and humidity controlled

A road course is any course of any distance that occurs on a public road that motorized vehicles may be on simultaneously during the record attempt. The cyclist is free to choose any road course that allows their bicycle of choice. A road course will also most likely have turns, stops, merges, and intersections that may cause the cyclist to slow down considerably or stop. A good road course will have a very limited number of these areas which would affect the cyclist average speed.

Note: There is no distinction between high or low altitude road and track records; all road and track records are considered to be equal attempts regardless of location.

Measurements and Accuracy
Road Courses and Surveys
WUCA Road Course Survey and Certification Process
Survey Costs
Courses for Track Record Attempts
WUCA Officials for Track Record Attempts
The Track Rider
Finish for Fixed-distance and Partial Laps
WUCA Officials for Road Record Attempts
The Road Rider
Finish for Fixed-time and Partial Laps
Records in Conjunction with Events
Highest Mileage Record Attempts (HAMR/HMMR/HWMR)
General Rules for Highest Mileage Record (HxMR) Attempts


All questions regarding records and record attempts should be directed to the WUCA Records Chairs

  • Larry Oslund, Chair
  • Nancy Guth, Deputy Chair

Contact the Records Team